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The NY Times, New York Magazine and Time Out Magazine all agree:
Playing Bingo with Linda is a Blast!

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Please note some schedule changes for Bingo at Le Poisson Rouge over the next couple of weeks:

Fri, 9/23 – NO BINGO due to a private party at the club.
Sat, 9/24 – Glace Chase is special guest hostess!

Fri, 9/30 – Business as usual with hostess Linda Simpson!
Sat 10/1 – Glace Chase hosts again!

Hope to see ya!

Glace congratulates a happy winner!
Glace congratulates a happy winner!


A few fun photos from Bingo at Le Poisson Rouge provided by some of our players…

Happy player showing off giant inflatable donuts. They look good enough to eat! (Thanks to Instagram/hollyjoylucky)


Spokesmodel Reina Del Taco shows off a dazzling array of Lucky Leis as I dramatically address the crowd. (Thanks to Instagram/sophroyalty)


Spokesmodel Sizzle Dizzle displays a high-demand prize—a glow-in-the-dark sword! (Thanks to

We’d love to see your pix, too! #LindaLovesBingoNYC

I had a blast hosting Bingo earlier this month in fabulous Norway! The event was a creative tech conference at a former coast guard station on an island outside of Oslo.

It is by far the furthest I had ever traveled to host Bingo and it truly was an incredible adventure.

Norwegians are excellent at speaking English so I could conduct the games in my native tongue!
Hanging out with my new Nordic friends.
Enjoying a cocktail with my new Nordic friends.
The whole world loves BINGO!
The whole world loves BINGO! Linda Loves Norway!

(I took these pix from other people’s pages. Thanks for letting me borrow.)


Linda Simpson does Europe!
Yes, I’m flying across the Atlantic to host Bingo at a tech conference in Norway! I’m piggybacking the event with some traveling and so I’ll be away from Bingo for a little while.

Holding down the fort is Glace Chase, who has worked mostly as a spokesmodel but is also a fabulous hostess! Check her out. She’s at Le Poisson Rouge every Fri & Sat until Aug 19th.

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And if she’s not enough to tempt you, maybe these pix of happy winners will!

hap - 1
hap - 2
hap - 3
hap - 4