Bingo Blog

New York City’s annual fashion week kicked off last week with a red-hot party at Sunglass Hut‘s headquarters on Fifth Avenue.  The Valentine’s Day-themed bash featured me hosting Bingo, with prizes including gorgeous pairs of Ray Ban glasses. 


I wore red, while my glamorous spokesmodels Holly Dae and Peppermint opted for pink.


Peppermint and I with one of the party’s co-hosts, Paper Magazine’s delightful Mr. Mickey.


Thanks so much to everyone at Sunglass Hut and the branding company Relevent for bringing us aboard.  It was truly a blast!


Who’s the latest grand champion at Le Bingo (every Saturday at Le Poisson Rouge)?

The guy in the crown—being congratulated by me and spokesmodel Glace!


His life will never be the same!
His life will never be the same!