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Spokesmodel Sizzle Dizzle and I showed up recently at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club wearing extremely similar striped dresses! I swear it wasn’t planned!


Sizzle, who’s a burlesque performer, was making her spectacular Bingo debut.  She’ll be joining us again soon, back on the chain gang!


What a great surprise! I’m included in today’s New York Post about hip and happening Bingo spots in NYC.


Bingo post Linda Simpson drag queen New york


The article is mostly about the Standard Hotel, where you gotta pay $30 to play! In the meanwhile, my Bingo nights are free, free, free!

Hmm, maybe I need to get more fancy. Oh well, I like being an easy access hostess. (That sounds dirty!)




*My weekly gig at Cibar Lounge has come to an end. It was a great run, but time for a change!

*In a few weeks, Tuesday Night Bingo is relaunching at a new downtown venue! I’ll be posting more details very soon.

In the meanwhile, you can still enjoy Bingo on Saturdays at Le Poisson Rouge and Wednesdays at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club.

As always, thanks for all your support!


Big Winner celebrates at Le Bingo with spokesmodel Calamity Chang! (Every Saturday at Le Poisson Rouge!)
SATURDAYS AT LE POISSON ROUGE – Big Winner celebrates with spokesmodel Calamity Chang!


WEDNESDAYS AT ROYAL PALM SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB - Grand Champion shows off his winnings with spokesmodel Glace Chase!
WEDNESDAYS AT ROYAL PALMS SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB – Grand Champion shows off his winnings with spokesmodel Glace Chase!



In a remarkable coincidence, our most recent jackpot winner at Le Bingo was wearing a flower hair accessory—And so was spokesmodel Reina Del Taco!

Will wonders never cease?

She also won a giant fly swatter!


Please note that Bingo will not occur at lovely Cibar Lounge on July 22nd (due to a private party).

We’ll return to our weekly Tuesday-night schedule on July 29th. See you then! It’s your turn to pose in our Winner’s Circle!