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You never know what you’ll win at BINGO!

Spokesmodel Indigo Dai and a happy winner!

Four incredible chances to win during the holidays!
With our weekly Friday and Saturday schedule!
Dec 22nd & 23rd
Dec 29th & 30th
Love to have you join us—and WIN!
Tons of tons of delightful prizes and stocking stuffers!
Wishing you a very lucky holiday season and may all your Bingo dreams come true in the new year!


It was time for another Bingo prize and spokesmodel Minx Arcana revealed an inflatable blue shark. Next thing you know, one of our birthday girls jumped on stage to show off her shark tattoo. Her friend won the game and gave her the prize. A remarkable coincidence and a happy ending!


This coming weekend—Fri 11/17 and Sat 11/18—we’re joined by comedy queen Sherry Vine!

She’s raring to grab your Bingo balls!